Travel safely with Lehtimäki Charter

Travel safely with Lehtimäki Charter

Travel restrictions are slowly being released and everyday life begins to return to its streams. The change has been considerable, but good things have also been learned along the way, such as washing hands.

We want to guarantee safe traveling, so we’ve outlined new practical steps so you can travel with us safely.

Lehtimäki Charter actively follows the instructions of the Government and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and changes practices if necessary.

Please ask either the driver or our office for more information.

tel. +358 207 509 550

The New Address of Lehtimäki Matkat

The new Address of Lehtimäki Matkat

Starting from Monday January 27, Lehtimäki Matkat / Travel Agency’s new address is Mariankatu 12 C, 3rd floor, 15110 LAHTI.

The brand new premises are located on Mariankatu Square, opposite Café Sinuhe.

– The location of the new office is very central and next to the market. In addition, parking spaces are close to the front door and Toriparkki is nearby. The official opening will be arranged for our customers as soon as we have the facilities ready, says Henry Perttula, Sales Director at Lehtimäki Matkat.

The opening hours of Lehtimäki Matkat will remain the same and customers will be served on weekdays between 9am and 4pm.

– Our wonderful staff Marjut, Merja, Nina, Marjukka and I serve our customers both on the phone and on our office as before. See you in the new premises!

Henry Perttula welcomes customers to the new location on behalf of the entire staff.

Lehtimäki Matkat Oy

Customer Service
tel. +358 (0)207 509 509

tel. +358 (0)207 509 519

On weekdays 9am – 4pm

Rates for business numbers:
8,35 cents / call + 7,02 cents/ min
Mobile Phone 8,35 cents / call + 17,17 cents / min

Charters for every need

Challenge of choice – Which do you choose?

Charters for every need. Make yourself comfortable, we’ll take care of the rest.

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Without extra charge, Lehtimäki Charters always include:

Lehtimäki and Kovanen start a partnership in chartered transport operations

As a result of this partnership, customers will be able to get all they need from a single provider, and even larger transportation needs will be met with ease.

Leaders in the taxi and transportation industry Lehtimäki Charter and Kovanen have started a partnership. Going forward, Lehtimäki’s customers will be able to order Kovanen’s Mercedes-Benz vehicles and minibuses (vehicles with 10-16 seats). Similarly, you will also be able to order large Lehtimäki buses through Kovanen. Behind this change is a desire to ensure better availability for customers and raise the already high level of service offered.

”Kovanen is the best partner for us because they have invested uncompromisingly in the overall quality of their services. With our larger capacity we will be able to offer broader transportation packages with a more diverse fleet at our disposal, and customers will receive everything they need from the contact person they already know,” says Lehtimäki Group CEO, Mikko Lehtimäki.

All of Kovanen’s large bus transportation operations will be move to Lehtimäki Charter. Lehtimäki’s capacity for charter transportation is all-in-all over 70 buses.

”Previously, we only had eight large buses. Going forward, we want to remain a transportation provider that offers comprehensive services and now we can offer our customers even more. At Kovanen, we’ll invest in minibuses with 16 seats as well as personal vehicles. Lehtimäki is a high-quality and trustworthy operator specialised in charter transportation and they will be able to deliver what we are looking for and require,” says Kovanen CEO Topi Simola.

Customers will notice an improvement in the availability of high-quality transportation services and the overall ease of doing business with us.

Lehtimäki Charter operates around 30,000 charter transportations per year with its modern fleet, which includes all types and sizes of vehicles, from 19 to 67-seaters. Lehtimäki Group has approximately 200 employees and the fleet includes 120 modern buses. In 2017, revenue exceeded 20 million euros. Lehtimäki Group’s CEO is Mikko Lehtimäki.

Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy is Finland’s largest full service personal transportation company. The company offers quality transportation for both individuals and larger groups, no matter the need, from taxi service to charter transport. Kovanen’s fleet is made up of black Mercedes-Benz limousines, sedan taxis, taxi vans and minibuses.

Kovanen belongs to a subsidiary of the Nordic leader Cabonline corporation, taxi company Cabonline Finland Oy. Cabonline Finland also owns FixuTaxi, launched at the start of the year to complement Kovanen. The company has over 40 years of experience in the taxi industry and excellent customer service. Around 700 industry professionals work for the company in the capital city region.

Lehtimäki Tilausajot is investing 3 million euros and is launching the Premium class

 Press release 19.1.2017

Lehtimäki Tilausajot, which is a part of Lehtimäki Group, is launching the Premium travel class for the charter coach traffic. Lehtimäki is investing three million euros in German-made Setra 516 HDH coaches, which are of the top quality in the world in terms of their equipment and technology and the only ones of their kind in Finland. The new additions to the fleet consist of four vehicles and the Premium service based on them will be presented at the Matka 2017 trade fair.

The Premium travel class is the new service of Lehtimäki Tilausajot, offering even more effortless coach travel, also for demanding tastes. The central role in offering memorable travel experiences is that of the high-class, larger-size vehicles. There are 16, 25, 35 and 50-seat vehicles amongst those procured.

“A coach trip can be a pleasure, and indeed the future of charter traffic lies with the quality of the travel experience. In the Premium class, the travel experience arises from a service whole that is based on design, technology and safety that have been refined to their peak, which is unique in Finland. Nothing comparable has been available before in this size class,” says Lehtimäki Group’s CEO, Mikko Lehtimäki.

The competition in the charter traffic has become more intense as with other coach traffic, but despite this Lehtimäki has managed to grow its business. The Premium class will expand the offering of Lehtimäki, and the current Comfort class will continue to operate alongside it with its familiar yellow vehicles. With the launch of the new travel class, Lehtimäki is seeking to achieve significant growth in its charter traffic operations.

“With the Premium class, we’re seeking to grow our operations in the capital city area and Southern Finland. Customer potential can be seen, for example, in the large tour groups travelling from Asia to Scandinavia, as well as companies hosting their VIP guests who are looking for high-quality transportation. Of course, more skilled drivers are also needed,” says the Business Director of Lehtimäki Tilausajot, Risto Mäkelä.

The new vehicles are specious and stylish and black in colour. In addition to the modern basic equipment – a net connection, electricity and USB sockets, as well as a WC – Lehtimäki’s highly-equipped new coaches have e.g. pleasant leather seats, plenty of leg room and a glass roof.

Travel comfort is added to by an especially quiet and elegant passenger area and the soft suspension of the vehicles. In these Premium-class coaches, the driver acts as a kind of butler and ensures the comfort of the passengers.

“The safety technology in the TopClass 516 HDH Setra vehicles, which meet strict emissions requirements, is also of the highest level,” says Janne Perheenmies, the Sales Director of the importer of the coaches, Veho Ltd.

Welcome to meet us at the Travel Fair (Matka 2017)

Welcome to meet us at the Travel Fair (Matka 2017) in the Helsinki Fair Center between 19th and 22nd January at booth 6t50. Come to hear our latest news, take advantage of our fair offers and participate in a raffle!

The theme of the event this year is ‘Meet the whole world’. Read more about the fair.

Opening hours

For professionals
Thursday 19th Jan 9 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
VIP event for Lehtimäki corporate customers at 1p.m.

For public
Friday 20th Jan 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday 21st Jan 10 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Sunday 22nd jan 10 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Hop into our Fair ride from Lahti or Kouvola

We arrange charter bus rides to the Travel Fair on Saturday 21st Jan. You can purchase both a return ticket to the event (10€) and your fair ticket (9€) from us. Read more and reserve your spot!

See you at the fair!

Season´s Greetings

Lehtimäki has revamped online presence

New websites for Lehtimäki Group, Lehtimäki Charters and Lehtimäki Traffic are now live. The new websites are very user-friendly. Our mobile websites are fully responsive, meaning that the layout and content are adaptable to all screen sizes.

Placing charter orders online is now much easier. Most of the photos are replaced with new ones, showing our staff and fleet.

Our new corporate video shows our staff members at work. Each part of our service requires ongoing development and quality management and a successful customer experience can only be the result of good teamwork – as said in our service promise.

We have also launched the Lehtimäki News website that will serve as our regular client newsletter, communicating all notices, news and topical articles related to Lehtimäki’s operations. In addition, we will also publish stories of our staff, clients and partners. The news and stories will be highlighted on our other websites and shared in our social media channels.

Our next job is to renew the Lehtimäki Travels website so that it, too, would correspond to our uniform corporate look.

Take a look at the new websites and tell us what you think.

Links to websites:

Time travel to Finnish Chicago on board the nostalgic Camel

Time travel to Finnish Chicago is a closer look at the rough past of Lahti. The tour is taken on board Lehtimäki’s show-piece vehicle – the nostalgic Camel.

The Camel is an elegantly renovated tourist bus, built in 1960 with a hump on its back as it should be. Our unique Camel is the only 35 seat Büssing TU 4500 Emmelman preserved in the world.

Behind the idea of the Time Travel to Finnish Chicago bus tour is founder of the Lahti motorbike museum Riku Routo. The tour is organized by the Lahti Community and your tour guide can be either Routo, radio journalist Joni Heinonen or Mato Valtonen from the Sleepy Sleepers – the choice is yours.

The surprising stories told at the tour reveal Lahti from a new angle. Many wouldn’t know – or guess – that the nickname Chicago wasn’t originally crime-related but was adopted because like Chicago, Lahti used to be famous for its slaughterhouses in the 1920’s. It was only in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the comparison started referring to the violence and crime levels.

Present-day Lahti no longer lives up to Chicago’s criminal reputation but the parallel has stayed as part of their identity for the locals. And because today’s Chicago is a successful metropolis, the comparison doesn’t really bother local people.

We charter our splendid classic vehicle Camel for special events and occasions like weddings, anniversaries and corporate events. If you feel inspired, please get in touch with our Charters sales team.

Call: 0207 509 550 or email: Tilausajot (at)

Riga Roadtrip for Jokeri-fans 26.-27.11.

Join the ice-hockey fans roadtrip to Riga on 26.-27.11.2016.

First we take a ferry to Tallinn and from there drive on to the atmospheric capital of Latvia. In Riga we will support the Jokerit in a special 1000 seat fan area and raise the roof of the Arena Riga with the Jokerit spirit. The evening then continues with getting to know Riga’s night life and in the early hours we head back to Tallinn and Helsinki.

Book an unforgettable Christmas trip! Choose your package and bus.

Read more here and book a ride!

Or would you rather travel with own group and in own bus? No worries, this can be arranged!

Call our sales team: +358 207 509 509 and let’s put together your own travel package.