Time travel to Finnish Chicago on board the nostalgic Camel

Time travel to Finnish Chicago is a closer look at the rough past of Lahti. The tour is taken on board Lehtimäki’s show-piece vehicle – the nostalgic Camel.

The Camel is an elegantly renovated tourist bus, built in 1960 with a hump on its back as it should be. Our unique Camel is the only 35 seat Büssing TU 4500 Emmelman preserved in the world.

Behind the idea of the Time Travel to Finnish Chicago bus tour is founder of the Lahti motorbike museum Riku Routo. The tour is organized by the Lahti Community and your tour guide can be either Routo, radio journalist Joni Heinonen or Mato Valtonen from the Sleepy Sleepers – the choice is yours.

The surprising stories told at the tour reveal Lahti from a new angle. Many wouldn’t know – or guess – that the nickname Chicago wasn’t originally crime-related but was adopted because like Chicago, Lahti used to be famous for its slaughterhouses in the 1920’s. It was only in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the comparison started referring to the violence and crime levels.

Present-day Lahti no longer lives up to Chicago’s criminal reputation but the parallel has stayed as part of their identity for the locals. And because today’s Chicago is a successful metropolis, the comparison doesn’t really bother local people.

We charter our splendid classic vehicle Camel for special events and occasions like weddings, anniversaries and corporate events. If you feel inspired, please get in touch with our Charters sales team.

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